Think what could be
waiting just there
at the end.
‘Are we done?’
‘How much is left?’
remains unanswerable
and only new tasks are added
in silence mounting, meaningless
to the impassioned desire
to finish and feel freed
from the sea, where
while the body labors, floating
the mind wanders.

"Plain of Ghosts" is a 8,376 word narrative developed over the past 6 years.  Split into three parts, 'Artificial Horizon', 'Ebb Tide', and 'Flood Tide', "Plain of Ghosts"'s narrative is warped by the overlapping experience of listless routine.  In a degrading City transitioning to an unknown conclusion, a youth population, drained from the desire for change and the promise of a future and burdened with the structure of their superiors, distances themselves from the situations gravity with muffled conversation and detached emotions.

Featured towards the conclusion are several of my mother's watercolors.  Set as the backdrop, the words overlain are tinted lunar green so that the emotional color and emotional context merge.  Breathing in and out, the colors and the words sinks you into an overwhelming sensory experience up until that point avoided by the characters and restrained in the narration.     

Although short, "Plain of Ghosts" is deceptively complex where the language is manipulated to bend meaning, at times sentence by sentence, to hide or reveal context and to establish tone and mood.  At times obscure, "Plain of Ghosts" demands much from the reader but its theme shouldn't be unfamiliar.  The honesty written into "Plain of Ghosts" should speak to each reader on different levels.  

An example of my mother's watercolor used as a backdrop to Part 3: Flood Tide